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Leading dental implant surgeon Charles A. Babbush draws upon his professional experience and considerable expertise in As Good As New: A Consumer's Guide To Dental Implants, to present the reading public with an upbeat, "patient-friendly" guide to the pros and cons of dental implant surgery as used to restore teeth lost from accidents, sports injuries, or other causes. Full-color photographs illustrate a quite practical discussion of determining whether dental implants are right for one, understanding what to do if something goes wrong with an implant, daily adjustments to living with implants, and more. As Good As New is very highly recommended reading for anyone contemplating or seeking to learn more about dental implant surgery for themselves or members of their family. MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW (

One of the leading dental implant surgeons in the world, Babbush has researched dental implants (metal posts that serve as substitutes for natural tooth roots) and published his findings in reputable scientific journals since the early 1960’s.  His earlier textbooks include "Dental Implants: The Art and Science", "Dental Implants: Principles and Practice", and "Surgical Atlas of Dental Implant Techniques".  Now writing for consumers in easy to understand prose, he shares his findings and experiences.   Beginning with artifacts from more the 1900 years ago, he traces the development of implant dentistry and then goes on to discuss which patients are good candidates for implants, how to research a suitable doctor, the actual procedure, and the likely future of this technology.  The tone is relaxed and reassuring, almost conversational, and the material, which includes true life anecdotes, is fascinating.  While some of the color photographs of patients who have lost their teeth are a bit shocking, the after-implant results are inspirational.  Highly recommended for all public libraries, consumer health libraries, and academic libraries that serve dental schools. CLEO POPPAS, La Grange Memorial Hospital Lib. IL; Library Journal December 2003, p.150 (

“As a long-time and extremely satisfied patient, I know that readers will find great interest and value in Dr. Babbush’s lucid presentation. His many years of study, research, practice, lecturing, and teaching have made him a truly outstanding leader in this exciting and rapidly growing area of dentistry.” —STANLEY C. GAULT, Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and Rubbermaid, Inc.

“This book makes it crystal clear to the reader what implants are all about. It offers hope and remedy for so many who thought they had no alternatives.” —DR. JEROLD GOLDBERG, Dean, School of Dentistry, Case Western Reserve University

“As Good as New lives up to its title. A lay reader can readily grasp the principles and practices of dental implant medicine. The mystery is gone—thanks to the diagnoses, preparations, and remedies explicit in this welcome book.” —LOUIS GROSSMAN, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Management, Arizona State University

“Down-to-earth is the phrase that best describes this highly informative book by a seasoned dental implant practitioner. The personal anecdotes go beyond human interest. They affirm for anyone who is missing teeth the improvement in the quality of life that implant dentistry has to offer.” —MORTON L. PEREL, D.D.S., M.Sc.D, Co-Editor, Journal of Implant Dentistry


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